Litemint is a friendly multi-currency wallet and decentralized marketplace.


Publish your digital content, apps and games to access a wide range of monetization options.

Monetize Your Games

When published on Litemint marketplace, your game is immediately connected to your users wallet for an ultimate streamlined experience.

You Are in Control of Your Earnings!

There is no middleman, each time you receive a payment, you can immediately enjoy your earnings in your merchant wallet! No strings attached!

Reach the World. Anytime. Anywhere.

Litemint games are distributed globally via our multi-platform wallet including mobile and desktop. We are growing everyday and we are limitless!


Easy Integration

Our API wires your in-app products to the Litemint wallet. You get immediate access to instant multi-currency payments. From USD, EUR, BTC, MAG, XLM and many more! The choice is yours.

MAG Network Partner Benefits

The MAG merchant network provides extended merchant services, featuring and rewards. Furthermore, the MAG network redistribute all stake rewards to its account holders. Visit us to learn more!


Next Step...

Are you ready to start earning on the Litemint marketplace? Drop us a line now! Alternatively you can reach us via our social pages.

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